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Hello again digital journal. I've been busy. Don't ever let me co-write, musical direct choreograph and act in a show again. Please. Oh, and make sure I get this teacher certification thing finished while you're at it.

I am in desperate need of some writing time. My poor novel has been mid edit for months. I'm afraid I'll loose my gift if I don't keep the pen whetted so to speak. Aye me, but the children take the life out of me.
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Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen...

I have a meeting coming up with a executive leader of the theater ministry I'm involved in. I know what you're thinking if you don't know about Verve, a ministry? Yes, it's a branch of my church that does awesome drama. Musicals, comedies, you name it. We don't do Christmas and Easter shows. We do shows that are family friendly and present them free to the public, pulling our own weight and money for sets, tech, advertising, etc. It's part of what attracted me to this particular church and I've been involved for about four years or so.

After being involved for a little while, the leader (not the one I'm going to meet with, he was more of an under leader) decided he was burned out and quit. Enter my husband and I who he thought would do well leading the group. Well, we're not the most organized people, but we have a passion for theater and know how to execute creative ideas. In the time we led it, we produced a small musical review for a charity function and a full length musical-Little Women. Then we got the call into the executive leader's office and were basically told we suck as leaders and they were forming a new group. Now, this guy loves organization and we don't always fit that mold, as I mentioned. I'll own up to it, it's true but um, we did produce a darn good show if I do say so myself.

Flash forward a year and a half and we're now the head of the Creative Team that chooses shows, creates original pieces and basically sets the ball in motion. We have chosen the last two plays and staged an original scripted variety show. We just finished writing another new Variety show that is pending approval by the man behind the curtain. We still suck apparently. We have a new system of forms to fill out that they let us know about after we've already dropped the ball because we didn't know about them in the first place. Basically, I'm beating my head against the wall of a ministry leader who is supposed to be support for our group. The trouble is, this man terrifies me in a way nobody has ever. I can talk to people if I have a problem but him, he's just so dang intimidating for a reason I still can't figure out. But I can hardly stand to be involved anymore with all the drama that's gone on (pun is intended). He needs to know that I feel like a bug under his foot and that is not fair. I've been so hurt guys. I've seriously cried my eyes out many times because he makes me feel like crap. So I'm trying to channel my inner Daniel and enter the lion's den unscathed.

Here's the moral of the story: Jesus is awesome and never lets me down but the church doesn't always follow suit. And by the way, the church = people.
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Who am I?

In an effort to clear my mind from a long and taxing week and pump up my self image, how about a nice and fluffy meme that I stole from my dear friend raptorgirl. (If I wasn't too lazy to look up how you make that a link, it would already be done so don't ask.)

What fictional character do I remind you of?
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New Year, New Blessings

I have so many things going through my mind right now so what to post? I'm sad that someone close to me had a miserable Christmas with her family. I'm happy because I spent a lot of time off from school with my wonderful husband and family and wonderful friends. I'm humbled because we received so many generous gifts even though this is supposedly a year of economic hardship. I'm excited because I have an opportunity to get my foot in the door for voice acting here in Orlando through a connection. I'm working on getting them my demo asap. I'm also more excited to write than I've been in a while because I've got fresh new ideas for my story that will make it better (as my beloved Jo March exclaims in Little Women). I've also been able to truly make the best of my time away from school by relaxing and following my creative pursuits.

I think the coming year will be another year of growth but I also think I will be stronger and more active in making my writing goals happen. I also want to grow in a lot of friendships that I have been nurturing or neglecting. Basically, I'm going to try again to live up to the person I am in Christ. Thank God for new beginnings and His perfect love.


For some reason my creative endeavors always begin late into the night. I just got crafty and decorated two headbands that are super cute. Now I wish I had more to play with. I think I'll start my own line of decorated headbands-well, at least I'll buy some more to decorate for me and my girls until my fetish is over. One has green translucent ribbon and green peacock feathers and the other is so gothic lolita! It has cream lace and two little red bows. *She all but squeaks over the cuteness*

How's that for an intellectually stimulating post? Tune in later if you want more pithyness. For now, I'm off to curl up with a book and enjoy not having to get up early and deal with 7th graders!
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I'm Alive!!!

I hate it when I go on hiatus from the internet because I'm so swamped with school. I feel so daunted by everyone's eloquence and feel the need to write a long heroic poem about my deeds while I was away. A quick what's up will have to suffice because I notice that it is now 3:00 am and I don't want to totally wreck my sleep cycle for the rest of my vacation. If you haven't read the poem Lady of Shalott by Tennyson go do it and pretend I'm the one stuck in the tower. Then you'll know what my life has been like for the past month or so. Ah teaching in public schools.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!

P.S. Enjoy the fun cosplay userpic. That's me getting my Sailor Venus on (thanks for the pic Nessa!). Soon I'm going to attempt making Padme's battle costume from Ep. II for an upcoming sci-fi/comic/anime con. Ahh! Must flatten abs!
Sad Tohru

Good Thing Germs Don't Travel the Internet

Thanks so something my husband brought home from the office and a probably low immune system from my students illnesses, I am sick! Yuck. Tonselitis. Anyway, Thanksgiving was another feast from both sides of the family. My grandma's mashed potatoes with cream and celery were the best as was my mom's homemade cranberry sauce. What was your favorite T-giving dish?
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Quill and Ink

Thanksgiving Origins

As my friends and I sat munching in the food court of the mall tonight, we realized we didn't know exactly how and when the Thanksgiving holiday started. I made it my personal quest to find those answers and for the record, Wikipedia was no help. Here are my findings:

The First Thanksgiving:
Pilgrims and Wampanog Indians met together to celebrate the harvest as was traditional for both groups. That first feast lasted for three days as the Pilgrims hosted the Wampanog leader Massasoit and nearly a hundred of his men. Though the feast was plentiful, pies and mashed potatoes probably weren't on the menu. Venison, seafood, nuts, fruits and vegetables like peas and carrots were most likely present on the Pilgrim table as was wild fowl which could have included turkey.

The National Holiday:
Thanksgiving was started because of a writer! And a female writer at that!

Her name was Sarah Hale, but most recognize the name of her poem "Mary Had a Little Lamb" instead of the author herself. Looking back on the traditions of the Pilgrims, who celebrated a day of prayer and thanksgiving after a bountiful harvest, Hale published essays and wrote letters calling for a national day of thanks to the President of the United States for years. In 1863, President Lincoln looked for a way to lift America's spirit during the Civil War and took Hale's ideas to heart. He declared a national day of thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of every November.

Thanksgiving morphed into the twentieth century with new traditions like football, shopping and parades. Thanksgiving became such an integral part of the Christmas shopping season for American Businesses that in 1939, President FDR signed a bill to move Thanksgiving up a week. Many refused to change Lincoln's date and in 1941 Congress passed a bill to make Thanksgiving's official date the fourth Thursday of November.

Info from History.com.
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My Face is like a Book...

So I've been kindly harangued into setting up a facebook account. I don't know how I'm going to keep up with it since I can barely stick with this thing without disappearing for months at a time but my husband assures me that fbook doesn't need much updating if you don't want to. Well, I'll at least make a profile so I can be found by old friends. I had an astonishing email (that word is not used nearly enough, everybody, say "astonishing" at least once today) (or sing it if you know "Little Women" the musical) from a childhood friend waiting for me in my work email this morning. She said she googled me after having a dream about me then wondering how I was doing. I wonder, did she dream me in the kid form or high school me? Anyhoo, those of you who know my real name, you may look forward to my mug of fbook soon.

In other news, I was sad to put down a book this weekend by one of my favorite authors. Now, I'm not one to stick with books I don't enjoy just because, so it's not hard for me so say "meh" and toss it back on the bookshelf. However, it was painful to make this decision for a Shannon Hale book. I love her style and so far, the five books I've read of hers have been a delight. Please do your imagination and whimsy a service and read "Goose Girl". It is up there on my tops list. But do not reach for...I must have hated it so much I forgot the name. Umm...oh yeah, "Book of a Thousand Days." It was wretched in every way. The story is bleak without a purpose. A servant who is smarter than her mistress gets treated horribly and she and her lady are enclosed in a tower because the lady disobeyed her father. What you read is a strange journal of the servant girl and her strange mistress who eventually goes nuts. It's not even an interesting nutcase like Ophelia, you just start to detest this girl. And you feel so bad for the servant girl that you can hardly stand to read. It was almost as bad as reading Faulkner for the first time. Oh my poor Shannon Hale. Please stick to non-nihilistic fiction.
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Movie Review-Quantum of Solace

Movie Review-Quantum of Solace
by Christie

One of the most enduring, action-packed franchises in all of cinema is that snappy dressed, husky-voiced James Bond. Every time a new Bond movie shoots into theaters, I get excited. In my lifetime I've watched two Bonds on the big screen: Pierce Brosnan's super-smooth playboy marksman and Daniel Craig's buff, rough around the edges double o. So far, I like Craig's portrayal of the vulnerable beginnings of Bond. "Casino Royale" was my favorite Bond movie to date. Unfortunately, "Quantum of Solace" doesn't live up to its high-stakes predecessor.

This is the first sequel of the Bond films. Whispers of Vesper and the tragic betrayal of "Casino Royale" permeate the story. It's strange to hear Bond lamenting over a woman, but this film also sets up the callous Bond that we've seen in later years. In "Solace," Bond still hasn't shut off his emotions. He carries the wounds with him every time he takes a punch, makes a shot or jumps out of a burning building.

Yes, the action is non-stop. Like the beginning of "Casino," we're treated to a long fight that sweeps through an exotic location as fast as Bond's gunshots. In "Solace," Bond leaves a longer trail of bodies and he's chastised by MI6 for his recklessness. Bond leads an edge-of-your-seat boat chase in the blue of the Caribbean in classic style and eventually finds his way into other explosive situations. The locations in this Bond are even more exotic to the eye and cinematically gorgeous as well. It's too bad some of them get caught in Bond's wave of destruction.

Like previous 007 films, I expected Solace to have a twisted, convoluted plot that unraveled only after I'd seen the film several times. I enjoyed the cloying mystery of putting all the pieces together. "Solace" however delivers a straight forward, somewhat predictable plot that felt like bits and pieces from Bond's diary. The scenes are brief and don't feel as if they connect. There is no clear plot line to follow, only a series of fight scenes and brief encounters with new characters that don't amount to much in the end. It feels hollow, as if we just got a taste of Bond's latest exploits and not a full-length documentary. Neither Bond nor the main female character Cami have a clear purpose and for that, the entire film suffers. I left feeling like I saw a popcorn action flick, not the intellectually engaging Bond mystique that I'm used to.

After watching "Solace," it's clear that Bond films don't work as sequels. They should be episodic and linked only by the ever sassy M and her most dashing agent. Bond is unpredictable and thrilling when he has no ties to the past. Hopefully, we'll see more of that 007 in the future.