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This place was created to be an outlet for me, a place to air my musings, connect with friends and share the good news that I am in love with Jesus Christ. I am a young writer, singer, actress and teacher and right now I'm bursting to share my creativity with the world.

A bit more: I am currently a teacher and aspiring author. I graduated from UCF with a degree in English-specifically in Creative Writing. I also studied music and magazine journalism. I am the co-director of a drama ministry based out of my church called Verve Theater. We produce two full-length shows a year and present them free to the community. I've been involved in theater since High School and love being on stage! Singing is my passion and part of life as much as breathing. I am an avid reader and I devour the books that I love to read-young adult fantasy fiction or anything that is well-written fantasy or magical realism. I enjoy historical fiction too now and again as well as classics. Okay enough here. You will certainly learn more in my journalings.